Esbenshade Farms was established in 1963 on a farm just outside Manheim, PA.

Our History

For the first 17 years, this Lancaster county egg farm sold product to other processors. In 1980, our company’s first grading machine was installed on a farm purchased near Mount Joy, PA. This made it possible to begin marketing and distributing our eggs. What formerly existed as a Lancaster county egg farm with limited resources continued to broaden as a feed mill was built in1985 on the Mount Joy site. Feed formulating and manufacturing for the farms’ chickens allowed for greater control over nutrition and costs.

One thing that hasn’t changed since 1963 is our commitment to provide excellent care for our flock’s health and well being.

Today, our fully integrated company continues to expand and includes three modern layer facilities with in-line processing facilities for maximum freshness. We continue to be a top supplier to some of the finest wholesalers in the northeastern United States.

Our fresh eggs are laid daily and shipped within 48 hours, many times even 24 hours.

Our Product

Produced on local poultry farms, our eggs are continually recognized for their quality and consistency. All sizes are available, from small to super jumbo. Our popular Esbenshade Farms brand packaging is available along with private label packaging.

We also sell a wide range of specialty eggs, including cage-free, Omega 3, organic, free range, and pasteurized. Wholesale egg deliveries are made by our courteous drivers on trucks maintained by our own full service garage.