Our Lancaster county poultry farm produces and grades eggs like the ones in this photo.

Our Facility

It all happens in our state of the art facilities. Our composite Lancaster county poultry farm is divided into three sites that produce and grade eggs. Our hen's diet, water, lighting, ventilation, and overall living conditions are continuously monitored. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow hens to live comfortably in a safe, climate controlled environment, while additionally reducing our environmental footprint. All layer houses are equipped with inline processing facilities so the eggs are packed the same day they're produced for maximum freshness.

The plants where the eggs are graded are all equipped with computerized machines that safely collect, clean and grade the eggs. Dirt, blood-spot and crack detection are all performed with sophisticated computerized technology. After the product has been packaged and palletized, it is moved into a cooler maintained at 40 degrees.

Our Lancaster county poultry farm also operates an automated feed mill which administers the feed for all of our chickens. Our onsite feed mill continues to help perserve our commitment to "fine quality eggs". Much of the grain used in the feed is purchased from local farmers.

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