From Esbenshade Farms to Your Family: The Egg Process

Amidst picturesque gently rolling farmlands, lies Esbenshade Farms.  Three modern facilities that are only outshined by our healthy chickens and their nutritious eggs.

Situated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, boasting some of the most productive, non-irrigated soils in the United States.  With less than 2% of the U.S. population producing all of the food in the United States,  Esbenshade Farms is committed to provide safe, affordable and nutritious eggs.  Since 1963 our family owned farms have been feeding families and supporting our local community



At Esbenshade Farms, we believe that a hen’s diet is critical for her to produce wholesome eggs, which in turn enables you to have a healthy, nourishing diet. We approach this through owning and operating our Feed Mill, and, therefore allowing for greater control over nutrition.  We are able to set higher standards on incoming grains and ingredients.  We want to provide a higher quality product for our hen’s diet, as opposed to a lesser quality grain or ingredient resulting in an inferior feed.


From top to bottom our fully integrated company implements quality control that positively impacts our consumers, improves the wellbeing of our chickens and is environmentally friendly, ensuring the next generation of Esbenshade Farms can feed the next generation of your family.



When it comes to any kind of perishable food product, maximum freshness is a high priority for consumers.  At Esbenshade Farms’ facilities, that standard of freshness is never compromised.  Our in-line processing guarantees freshness.  Eggs are packed the same day they’re produced, often shipped within 24-hours of being laid.

We are also known for having our own full-service garage offering us control over on-time deliveries and more specifically our drivers and fleet of vehicles. Customer service is one of the critical components to our decades-old story of success.  Moreover, when we hire drivers, we look for courteous staff who can adopt the same mentality of commitment to excellence and integrity in serving our customers.



Contributing to the 5,000+ farms of Lancaster County we value being good stewards of the land and our environment.  Stormwater runoff controls, no-till planting, cover cropping, stream buffers and more have not only improved soil health but protect water quality.  Methods such as this directly reflect the agriculture industry immediately and long-term both in quantity and quality.



Poultry fertilizer from hen litter stimulates soil health and improves crop production.  Applying our poultry fertilizer on our farm land, provides a better alternative than chemical fertilizers.  Crops produced on our farm land contribute to grains needed at our Feed Mill.  In addition, our fertilizer is in demand by local grain producers.

We are honored to continue to be a top egg producer in the northeastern United States.  If you have any questions, we look forward to answering them.  Need a punch of protein?  Contact us to find out where you can pick up a dozen or two of Esbenshade Farms “fine quality eggs”.