Code of Conduct: Esbenshade Farm’s Promise to Our Consumers

For over 55 years, Esbenshade Farms has been raising the standards in the Egg Industry. Our due diligence consistently focuses on providing our hens to live comfortably in a safe, climate controlled environment, with an added benefit of reducing our environmental footprint.  While we value hands-on experience and live in a self-reliant, self-taught era, some subject matters make sense to look up (like how to poach an egg) and then there are subjects you want an expert to handle (like how to manage animal welfare and egg safety).  So, we believe and practice at Esbenshade Farms that our employees’ solid and continuing education will sustain our commitment to produce Fine Quality Eggs.  One example of this would be our Food Safety & Quality Director.


With a degree in Biology and 22 years of Over The Counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and food industries experience, Esbenshade Farm’s Food Safety & Quality Director has also obtained his:

  • Egg Inspector’s License from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • National Egg School Training and Testing
  • PEQAP Training
  • Certified SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Practitioner


This dedication to learning has helped grow Esbenshade Farms to one of the most well-known and respected farms of its kind in the Northeast today.  We encourage you to understand better and appreciate the three main components that set us apart:

  • We have control over the whole process to ensure we produce a Fine Quality Egg
  • We keep up with the demand of the consumers while still producing safe and quality eggs
  • Practicing ethical ways to keep our laying hens in good health


In a generation where egg preferences are always evolving, and the threat to laying hens is continually at risk, we at Esbenshade Farms find innovative ways to maintain a safe environment for our flock proactively. One of the biggest implementations is having a full-time food safety expert on staff to ensure we comply with internal and external regulations. Many egg producers, unfortunately, have not adopted hiring on this valuable role. Our consumers deserve the best and we deliver it.


Our Promise to You:

  • We produce a fresh, safe, wholesome product
  • Esbenshade Farms does this by participating in a third-party auditing program and maintaining the SQF Food Safety and Food Quality Certifications. The SQF program is a leading, Global Food Safety and Quality certification and management system.
  • Esbenshade Farms also participates in the Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program through the PA Department of Agriculture. The PEQAP program assures commitment from the producer to implement those management and monitoring practices most likely to prevent SE contamination.
  • Lastly, we always remain in compliance with the FDA’s Egg Safety Rule and any state regulations.


The laying flocks are raised humanely and providing top-notch care for our hens is always a priority for us. This is demonstrated through our commitment to maintaining our United Egg Producers (UEP) Certification. The UEP certification includes the following core hen well-being requirements:

  • Code of conduct signed by employees trained in animal care.
  • Annual compliance assessment conducted by independent, third-party auditors.
  • Scientifically-supported standards for allotment of space for hens in various housing environments.
  • Nutritious feed, clean water, and fresh air always.

All layer flocks meet required National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) standards.


We Diligently Care About Each Step

  • Egg safety on the farm must be complemented by proper storage, handling and cooking by retailers, restaurants, consumers and all other egg users.
  • We work with and educate those groups on how to maintain the safety and quality of the eggs through proper storage and handling, stock rotation, and proper preparation.
  • Additionally, we are committed to all consumer questions or concerns. Each is addressed and investigated (if needed) to correct any shortfalls, further educate consumers and maintain our consumers’ satisfaction.


A Consumer’s Guide to Buying Eggs

  1. As a consumer, when ANY issues arise with eggs, the information on the end of each carton is very important to the egg producer. This information normally includes the Julian Date (continuous count of the days of the year), the plant identification number and possibly a Sell By or Expiration Date. This information will help the egg producer identify and investigate any issues or concerns; once a complaint has been brought to their attention.
  2. Additionally, in the event of a recall, this information will help the consumer determine if their eggs have been affected.
  3. When a consumer buys eggs:
  • Buy eggs only if sold from a refrigerator or refrigerated case, ≤ 45°.
  • Open the carton and make sure that the eggs are clean, and the shells are not cracked.
  • Store in the refrigerator; the temperature should be ≤ 45°.
  • Proper storage of eggs can affect both quality and safety.
  • There are various harmless internal defects in eggs, and normally those eggs are removed (such as a blood spot). However, there are instances in which they might make it past detection systems.  If the consumer is unsure of the quality of the egg, it is advised to contact the producer.

When you trust us to provide you with the best quality, you’re sure to enjoy every egg from Esbenshade Farms. Questions?  We’re an email or call away from reassuring any concerns you may have about our eggs. Find out more here: