History In The Making: Third-Generation Esbenshade Farms Forges Ahead Industry Leader

Since 1963 Esbenshade Farms, a picturesque location deep in Lancaster County has worked diligently to be the leading Northeast producer and packer of Fine Quality Eggs.  Through constant, careful quality-control and focused responsive attention to our customers’ needs, we have become a household name, a staple in our community and pioneer in family-owned and operated businesses.

As we expand our market, our goals are to further broaden our product offerings as well.  To meet the demands of our consumers without compromising our standards.

For three generations we have been part of this neighborhood just as it has been part of our success.  Additionally, we believe it’s important to give back to the hometown where we live, work, play, and grow.  We contribute by donating eggs and monetarily to local food banks and fundraisers, along with interacting with local businesses to enable a thriving local economy.  We also strive to put Lancaster County on the map and forefront of everyone’s minds.

This community is where we integrated state-of-the-art technology while still embracing the wholesomeness and traditional methods that have persevered for decades.  We balance old and new by determining what will best improve our hen’s health and well-being.  Over the years, as technology has advanced, we have found ways to implement it into our day-to-day methods.  A climate-controlled barn is a huge component to maintain a hen’s comfort.  Installing air sensors that automate climate controlling features significantly improve living conditions.


At Esbenshade, we take pride and ownership of our work.  And while we watch closely over our hens, we avoid micromanaging employees and multilayers of management.  We promote an environment of free thinkers and open collaboration in the pursuit of bettering our neighborhood and that of the egg industry.


While founded by Glenn and Rachael Esbenshade, Chris Esbenshade currently serves as President and CEO, recently joined by Josiah Hershberger, grandson of Glenn. Josiah officially joined the farm three years ago after attending Liberty University, and together they all work at and run the renowned egg producing company.

At Esbenshade Farms, we are forged by great ideas, innovation, caring people, and the passion for having the healthiest hens and the finest quality eggs.  Have questions about our services or products or where you can purchase our products? We’re happy to help.