Guaranteed Quality

We are committed to providing our customers with ​farm fresh eggs​ that are pure and safe. We do all that we can to assure that these priorities are aligned as we strive to supply our customers with impeccable ​farm fresh eggs​ and rigorous quality assurance in the process.

Guaranteed Fresh

Fresh eggs are laid daily and most are delivered within 48 hours. It is not uncommon to have eggs arriving at our customers within 24 hours after being laid. We have a coding system which allows us to easily track where and when our ​farm fresh eggs​ were produced and packed.

Guaranteed Pure

Our henhouses and processing facilities are inspected by third parties on a regular basis. This ensures the health and well being of our hens and maintains our food safety. We are proud to hold certifications under United Egg Producers, SQF Food Safety and Food Quality and Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Programs. Beyond the certifications, we are intentional with making full use of available technology to maintain the utmost quality of our eggs, including, but not limited to, computer controller crack detectors, blood detectors and dirt detectors.